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PBCmaintenance tip | reticulation

We know you’ve heard is before: saving water has never been more important. Checking and repairing haywire sprinklers will not only enable a more effective use of your reticulation system, but also save precious water and money over the drier months. A few simple no-brainers for sprinkler maintenance: make sure that sprinkler heads are attached; make sure sprinklers are pointed in the right direction and that watering times are scheduled to your designated watering roster. Visit the Water Corporation’s website for regular updates on designated watering days,

PBCmaintenance tip | weatherboard tips

To improve and maintain the appearance and longevity of weatherboards, simply give them a quick hose down with water, followed by a rub with a soft, wet broom and a rinse. This will ensure your weatherboards stay dirt, dust, salt and spider free under veranda and eve sheltered areas, as well as increase time between licks of paint.

PBCmaintenace tip | sealing natural stone

Those lovely stone and marble benchtops and tiles need attention, too. Regular sealing prevents staining of surfaces in busy, well-used areas of your home. Man-made or reconstituted stones such as Caesar stone is an exception and does not need sealing. All other stones and marbles (especially porous stones like marble, sandstone and limestone), however, should be sealed every year to keep them looking beautiful. Contact us for a PB recommended stone sealer, or alternatively, you can DIY with a quality sealer from all good stone suppliers. Tenax Stone Sealer is a great product for DIY at-home jobs, although it’s best to contact either us or a specialist to determine which product suits you best. Give your stone the love it deserves by not sitting, standing or placing unnecessary weight on stone surfaces to prevent chipping or breakage.

PBCmaintenance tip | oiling decks

With summer, sun and sunburns fast approaching, we’d like to remind you all to re-oil your timber decking. Re-oiling will ensure you decks remain bright and sprightly during the hotter months, maintaining the natural appearance and colour by protecting your decks from UV and water damage. If you decking is new or in good condition, natural decking oil (with no stain) can be applied. Older, wiser decking can be given a quick facelift with stained oils such as jarrah or redwood. The team here at Peter Bedeker Construction use and recommend Cabot’s Natural Decking Oil, although there are many others to choose from. These products should be applied every six months (with more frequent love in very exposed areas) with a brush, applicator or roller… just take care not to slop any on the surrounding walls. Happy oiling!

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