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We are a prestige building company based in Cottesloe.  We specialise in renovations to homes in the Western Suburbs.

We have a proven track record of quality construction and have won awards and commendations from the Fremantle and East Fremantle City Councils, and The Royal Australian Institute of Architects. As a company we pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship and our ability to finish our projects on time, and on budget.


Staff Profiles

PETER BODEKER, principal

peterwebPeople. That’s Peter Bodeker’s focus for his construction company. It’s an apt focus for a company that specialises in one of the most personal investments a person can make – a home. And that focus on people extends from his own carefully assembled team, to top tradesmen and subcontractors he trusts, and the architects and homeowners who commission him for work.

While Peter Bodeker Construction launched in 2005 and is somewhat of a newcomer to the Perth scene, Peter himself is Western Suburbs born and bred and has been building in the area for more than 20 years. He started renovating his own properties from 22 years of age in East Fremantle before moving overseas for three years where he worked as a carpenter on renovations and refurbishments in London, then Washington DC.

He returned to Perth and worked as a carpenter with large and small construction companies on refurbishments, additions and renovations in the Western Suburbs. The companies he worked with did everything – “from demolition to polishing the windows at the end of the build”.

While working full time he returned to study to complete a Diploma of Builders Registration. With a strong reputation for his love of timber, reliability and workmanship, plus a builder’s certificate under his belt, it was a natural progression for him to launch his own company. Peter Bodeker Construction was born.

Today, Peter is highly regarded for his top-quality tradesmen, work ethic, communication and attention to detail. Architects and homeowners talk of his prompt action, availability, problem-solving, adherence to budgets and timeframes and ability to work as a reliable team member who will realise a project’s vision.

“I know renovations,” says Peter. “My business is built on a 30-year foundation of carpentry, specialising in renovations, refurbishments and additions, and on knowing the tradesman’s perspective really well. Having been a tradesman myself, I know how to secure and keep top-quality tradesmen, and that is important.”

Peter is also incredibly house proud, and this appreciation for his own home reflects in his business. “A home is one of the most important things in someone’s life… it is one of those things that really grounds us. So, we have to have everything in place – from schedules to materials, processes and people – to ensure that we deliver on our promises to create that special, secure, grounding space for our clients, and make the process as streamlined and enjoyable as possible.”

John Forde, construction project manager

johnwebAn Irish import, John has been with Peter Bodeker Construction since March 2009. He brought with him a four-year degree in Construction Management (Limerick Institute of Technology) and experience working as a site manager on small to large housing developments and as a site engineer with one of Ireland’s biggest civil engineering firms, working on major infrastructure projects. Strong organisational skills, good communication and the ability to work at a consistently high standard have been his career necessities.

John has had a passion for construction since a youngster in rural Ireland, where he grew up with a practical bent and working as a labourer or trades assistant during all his school holidays. Today, he channels that passion into his role at PBC. John project manages and oversees all the larger projects at the company, from procurement to construction – he’s the guy who will ensure that scheduling, tradesmen, budgets and the brief all get met. He understands the importance of being available and approachable at all times, and he believes in keeping everyone informed at every step of the way – from the client to the architect, engineer, subcontractors and the larger PBC team.

“It is a cliché, but I like seeing a project from start to finish – seeing a dilapidated or dated building become liveable, and watching a new extension evolve and add to someone’s life,” says John. “And I enjoy seeing the reactions of the architects and homeowners once we’ve finished.”

Aisling Graham, estimator

website pictureAisling is a numbers person. She looks at your plans and works out what is needed to build it – from ascertaining if your needs can be met to the number of bricks required for your build and which tradesmen are available.

Originally from Ireland, Aisling studied a Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying and an Honours Degree in Construction Project Management (Institute of Technology Sligo). She worked as a junior quantity surveyor in a medium-sized Irish company on a big prison build, was part of a team that converted a derelict Irish manor into a five-star hotel and moved to Australia and the PBC team in 2012.

Aisling says her job is really about juggling – constantly keeping abreast of product supply, trade availability and the budget. She takes part in the tender process with Peter and works closely with Dylan to ensure financial and timeframe expectations are met (or exceeded). And communication is key…

“We work closely with the architect on big jobs, with the homeowners on smaller projects and constantly communicate with the subcontractors,” she says. “I love that the industry is so busy, that we deal with people all the time and we all work together as a team to ensure a premium end product.”

Peter Bodeker Construction | Peppermint Grove, Cottesloe, Claremont, Mosman Park